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Asset Maritime Security Services is a leading maritime security company specialising in counter-piracy operations and intelligence, together with the mitigation of all forms of maritime threats. The geographical scope of our operational capability is global; however, the primary areas of our activity today are the Gulf of Aden, East Africa, Indian Ocean and West Africa (Gulf of Guinea). We offer a full range of maritime security services, supplying highly trained and widely experienced security teams who have served in the British Armed Forces and a select few other high-calibre military armed forces. They project and deliver the highest standards in all areas of maritime security, allowing AMSS to provide a cost-effective and totally reliable service to our clients. Our teams have all received the highest level of relevant training, from which they have gained the knowledge, skills and qualifications to provide the best possible degree of maritime security for our clients' vessels. In order to discuss how we may assist you to mitigate the ever-present threats of piracy, terrorism and other forms of crime on the world's oceans, please contact us online or call + 44 1244 893 163 today.
Please contact Laura Swift for any media enquiries.
Security policy statement


One of the primary Aims of Asset Maritime Security Services is to be objective in its approach. With appropriate measures in place, Knowledge and awareness we believe a lot of piracy threats can be dealt with preventively.

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The threat of maritime piracy has seen a massive surge in recent years and despite significant efforts by international maritime organisations (IMO) and various governments, it shows no signs of diminishing.



We believe in taking an objective approach that deals with the threat of maritime piracy preventatively. We do this by implementing appropriate systems and using both knowledge and awareness to identify and nullify risks.



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