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Alert – AMSS Operations Centre has received a report – Skiffs approach

Alert – AMSS Operations Centre has received a report A total of three skiffs approached the tanker at speeds of 15-17knts

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Latest News ! POSSIBLE PIRATES – 04/02/2015

Date: 04/02/2015

Time: 05: 00 UTC

Lat: 13°30.0 North

Long: 049°54.00 East


Description of event: GENERAL ALERT

IRTC, Gulf of Aden

The Master of a Merchant vessel has reported sighting suspicious vessels to UKMTO. Descriptions given in the report are that of 1 boat with a white hull, brown coloured bridge and 10 POB this was sighted at a distance of 3nm at speeds of 7kts towing 4 white skiffs, the suspicious boat then moved towards the vessel to approximately 1nm and stopped. A Further boat was observed on their port bow at speeds of 7kts towing 1 blue skiff and accompanied by 1 white skiff with 2 POB and 1 large outboard engine. The white skiff crossed the vessel’s bow at a speed of 25kts and closed to 1nm on the vessel’s starboard side. The on board armed security team displayed weapons and skiff withdrew back towards the mother boat. Suspicious boats stayed closed to vessel for a further 20-30 minutes. No weapons or ladders were sighted. Vessel has been reported as safe.

Source: Master of Vessel

All vessels within the vicinity of this alert are advised to operate with a heightened level of security and invited to report any suspicious activity to and

Vessels within a 100 nautical mile radius should increase their anti-piracy deterrents in line with Best Management Practices 4. This should include increased twenty four hour anti-piracy watch keeping and radar monitoring. Vessel hardening should be checked and where appropriate bolstered.

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Piracy Alert 30/01/2015

Date: 30/01/2015Time: 10: 08 UTC Lat: 07°.55.38 North Long: 077°.07.11East Aggressor: PIRATES Description of event:

ADVISORY A master of a merchant vessel has reported to the UKMTO at 10:08 UTC 30th January 2015, in position 07° 55.038 N 077° 07.118 E Speed 13.5 knots that he was approached by 1 blue hulled skiff, 6 meters long with a white band. Report states that 7 personnel were sighted wearing yellow raincoats and weapons where identified. The skiff approached the merchant vessel to a distance of 1.5 NM off her port quarter. The vessel took evasive measures and started fire pumps, the on board armed security team displayed weapons and fired warning shots into the air. The Skiff then ceased the approach. No ladders or outboard engines where sighted on the skiff.

Vessel reported as safe.

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Piracy alert 28/01/2015

Location: Arabian Sea

A master has reported to the UKMTO that he sighted 4 skiffs on the ships head at a range of 8NM, at 5NM the skiffs split up into groups 2 skiffs approached the vessel’s port side and 2 skiffs approached the vessel’s starboard side. 1 skiff started to close on the port side and 4 persons were identified on-board, the master mustered the embarked armed security team to the port side and as the skiff closed to within 1NM they displayed their weapons resulting in all of the skiffs turning away. No weapons or ladders were seen and the reporting vessel and crew are safe.

Source: Master of Vessel

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Hijacked tanker found

The 1,100-dwt Sun Birdie (built 1993) was reported missing on Thursday morning after the owner lost contact on Wednesday night.

The ReCAAP reporting centre said its last known position was one nautical mile south of Tanjung Ayam.

The vessel was laden with 700 tonnes of fuel oil and carries 11 crew: eight Myanmarese and three Indonesians.

Late on Thursday night the ship was sighted and recovered by the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (MMEA) 17.6 nautical miles northeast of Tanjung Penawar.

The vessel’s crew was detained along with seven pirates found on board.

Two attackers jumped overboard and fled.

They were picked up by a passing ship five miles away.

ReCAAP commended MMEA for “displaying utmost agility and efficiency in recovering the tanker and arresting the perpetrators on board.”

The tanker is operated by Teguh Samudera of Malaysia.



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Recruitment open for Team Leaders

AMSS have opened the Recruitment window for experienced HRA Maritime Team Leaders.  Please contact us in order to gain further information on our requirements – or 01244 893163