Our Policies

Our Policies

AMSS Quality Policy

AMSS Ltd provides high quality levels of service and customer care. It is the desire of the Company not just to only maintain those attributes but to continually improve them.

To this end a commitment is made to a Business Management System that reflects the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 28007-1:2015

In support of this mission we have made a commitment to a Business Management System that reflects the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 28007-1:2015

The Company has recognised that a total commitment to Quality is fundamental to the achievement of our mission which is to, not only retain our worldwide recognition as the leader in our field but to strive to enhance that reputation still further. By adopting this Business Management System, commitment to continuous and never ending improvement in quality performance is clearly demonstrated.

Inherent in the Quality Policy is the timely and efficient satisfaction of our Customers’ requirements. Quality Objectives are formally documented and the system reviewed on a regular basis for its continuing suitability. Management review is fundamental in achieving this and the results of audits and other performance metrics will be formally reviewed periodically to ensure that corrective mechanisms are functioning. The Operations Director demonstrates a hands on and proactive approach to ensuring that adequate Quality measures are specified, monitoring their implementation and ensuring that corrective action is taken should ever the need arise.

The entire Management Team share the responsibility for the delivery of all matters involving the quality of the product and services delivered by AMSS Ltd and the conformance to the customer’s specifications, established standards and contractual quality requirements.

AMSS Security Policy

AMSS Ltd seeks to provide maritime security safely and account-ably, engaging only the most suitably experienced and qualified operators, delivering the highest standards on a global scale.

Every endeavor is made to ensure all threats and potential threats are identified, assessed and communicated. Appropriate procedures are employed to enable effective management of the identified threats.

Our policy provides the framework which will ensure the specific security management objectives, targets and programmed to be produced which will be consistent with our overall security threat and risk management framework. These will be appropriate to the threats, the nature and scale of our operations.

We will adhere to all current, applicable legislation, regulatory and statutory requirements.
Our objectives will be documented and communicated to all relevant employees and third parties including contractors, visitors and stakeholders where appropriate and visitors to ensure that all are made aware of their individual security management-related obligations.

To this end we have made a commitment to not only adhering to but exceeding the requirements ISO 9001 and ISO 28007-1:2015.

By adopting this Security Management System our commitment to continual and never ending improvement in the quality and integrity of our security performance levels is clearly demonstrated.